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Dashboard Help

Download Orders

You can download your orders into a CSV (Comma Separated Values) spreadsheet, which can be imported into any spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Libre Office Calc.

Downloading The File

1. Click "Download Orders"

2. Choose a date range

3. Choose Your Order Status. You can choose All, New, Picking, and Shipped.

4. Choose to include all order information or only tracking numbers.

5. Click "Download CSV".  Save it to your desktop or somewhere else you can easily find it.

Importing Orders Into Libre Office

If you are using LibreOffice Calc, importing a CSV is simple.

Open the CSV file and you will be presented with an import dialog. Select the tracking number field and change its type to Text as shown here:

Import Orders Into Microsoft Office

If you're using Excel it's important that you import the CSV file instead of simply opening it.  Here's how...

1. Open Microsoft Excel

2. Find Import Data (it may vary between different versions of Excel). In Excel 2003 it's Date > Import External Data as illustrated below...

3. Select your CSV file

4. proceed through the import wizard.


5. Ensure that the delimited and comma options are checked:

6. On the final step, select the tracking number column and change its format to Text then click Finish to import the data.

For more help, you may also want to refer to the Microsoft help page.